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Elevate your technology footprint sustainably by upgrading with quality refurbished hardware.


Gain instant access to the equipment you need.

At DAS Technology, end user clients can acquire fully reconditioned, tested, and deploy-ready data center hardware for their upgrade or replacement needs. As a global provider of multi-vendor hardware, we deliver equipment to
165+ countries from our extensive local inventory.

Our locally sourced and refurbished assets help safeguard your business against resource scarcity while supporting a greener digital ecosystem.

With flexible sales options and the expertise of our Technical Support Engineers, we offer maintenance, installation, and tailored solutions for single components or complete infrastructures.

Transform your business with Evernex/DAS

Meet your IT hardware requirements while optimizing your budget through the use of quality-assured refurbished equipment.

We offer industry-leading equipment for sale and provide comprehensive support services.

Tap into our extensive global inventory of over 850,000 items, where companies can find fully tested and reconditioned data center hardware from top brands.
Whether you choose to purchase or rent, our hardware is backed by an extended third-party maintenance warranty, providing expert care exactly when and where you require it.

Discover a wide range of servers and spare parts from renowned manufacturers.
Our rigorously tested refurbished hardware often outperforms new equipment, boosting productivity and reliability while reducing IT upgrade expenses. Every server is backed by our extended third-party maintenance warranty, ensuring comprehensive support throughout its lifecycle.
Choose from our professional and maintenance services to tailor your hardware purchase.
With our global inventory, you can enhance sustainability by minimizing the distance traveled by your equipment and reducing the environmental impact of new equipment manufacturing.

From DAS, companies gain access to storage assets and spare parts from leading brands. Our fully tested and reconditioned equipment ensures exceptional performance, often surpassing that of new. With our storage assets, you can maximize data center productivity, minimize downtime, and reduce IT upgrade expenses.
All storage assets come with our extended third-party maintenance warranty, providing uninterrupted service with a trusted global partner to maintain your infrastructure throughout its lifecycle.
Customize your storage hardware purchase with our professional and maintenance services to meet your IT needs. With over 850,000 multi-brand items in stock across 330 worldwide locations, we minimize hardware travel distance, contributing to a sustainable digital future.

No matter your networking asset brand, DAS provides complete fleets and spare parts from leading manufacturers. Our extensively tested and quality-assured networking assets enhance your existing system's lifespan and expand your network at a competitive price.
All network purchases come with our extended third-party maintenance warranty, ensuring optimal performance of your multi-vendor system throughout its lifecycle, even after the warranty period.
Additionally, our global stocks contribute to sustainability by minimizing hardware travel distance and reducing the demand for new equipment, preserving finite natural resources.

Our diverse inventory includes libraries and spare parts from all major manufacturers, ensuring we meet your data center requirements. Our refurbished hardware undergoes rigorous testing, delivering increased productivity at a significantly lower cost compared to new equipment. With our extended third-party maintenance warranty, you can eliminate service interruptions for your libraries. Additionally, our global network of 330+ forward stocking locations allows us to minimize emissions associated with equipment transport and support a sustainable digital future.

Whether you're looking to expand or upgrade, DAS provides immediate access to a wide range of multi-brand workstation equipment for your data center needs. Our refurbished hardware, meticulously tested and verified by our team of experts, offers performance that often surpasses new equipment, boosting your productivity.
By choosing refurbished workstations, you not only save on upfront costs but also benefit from our extended third-party maintenance warranty throughout the equipment's lifecycle.
Partner with DAS for additional services such as relocation, installation, and more, tailored to meet your specific requirements. With our global network of 330+ stocking locations, we ensure efficient delivery, maximizing both your company's ROI and environmental sustainability.

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Our hardware is backed by our comprehensive Third-Party Maintenance warranty, providing a seamless combination of top-notch equipment and expert technical support.
With this warranty, you can rely on our quality-assured products to keep your systems running smoothly, even beyond the standard warranty period. We ensure that your equipment performs at its highest level, providing you with peace of mind and optimal functionality.

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