IT Asset Disposition Services
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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD): An end-to-end way to manage the lifecycle of your company’s IT Assets in a secure & sustainable manner.

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Your Complete It Asset Disposition Solution. DAS Technology Consulting

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) can be complex and overwhelming, especially when it comes to responsible technology removal. But with DAS Technology Consulting, you can rest assured that you have a complete solution that covers all your needs.

We take complete responsibility for the environment, data security, and compliance across all your IT assets, regardless of location or jurisdiction. Our enterprise agreement ensures that everyone in your organization can leverage the simplicity of disposition without the complexity of compliance, security risk, and environmental impact.

At DAS Technology Consulting, we offer a range of disposition options, including onsite erasure, to provide flexibility and tailored solutions for your ease.
Our revenue share structures can offset services, and our national footprint with international capability ensures consistency.

We provide complete confidence by validating our processes and adherence through certifications in NAID AAA, R2v3, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Our self-serve reporting portal provides asset status and disposition certificates, including Certificates of Destruction and Recycling, while our chain of custody reporting, including GPS option, allows for instant physical viewing.

We also demonstrate our commitment to the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability through our B Corp status.

Choose DAS Technology Consulting for your It Asset Disposition needs, and experience the difference of our modular way of assembling ITAD service components, tailored to your specific requirements.

Trust us for complete responsibility and complete confidence in ITAD.




DAS Technology Consulting specializes in IT Asset Disposition has a large network of removal specialists and recyclers across all 50 states. We have our own trucks and contracts with the best logistics companies to ensure timely removal. Wherever excess equipment is located DAS can have removal teams there and ready to go.

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Having outdated or surplus electronics cluttering your facility can be a real setback to your operation as well as your profitability. Space is money and we understand that. We have ample storage space at our secure facility and we are able to take any amount of equipment that you need removed.

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Here at DAS, we understand that many companies are not equipped with loading docks, and getting equipment ready for removal can be a real hassle. That is why we offer a full service IT asset disposition option, and will remove equipment directly from wherever it is located in a client’s facilities.


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At DAS Technology Consulting, we understand the importance of data protection and have implemented processes that meet the highest business standards.

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As a top-tier IT asset disposition (ITAD) service provider, DAS Technology Consulting understands the importance of transparency in delivering the highest level of customer service.