Data Destruction

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Guaranteed Data Destruction, Every Time.

Ensuring data destruction is the key element of any comprehensive ITAD solution.
Multiple methods exist to eliminate data, each offering guaranteed security, but varying in their impact on the environment.


Environmentally Conscious Data Destruction: Our certified software employs NIST 800-88 R1 compliant methods to completely eliminate your data.


Irreversible Physical Destruction of Hard Drives and Data. When necessary, we perform physical destruction of hard drives to ensure the irretrievable elimination of data, taking into account factors such as age, condition, and relevance.


Off-Site Data Destruction: Our NAID AAA certified facility is equipped to handle data destruction activities, adhering to industry-leading protocols and standards.


On-Site Data Destruction: This method involves eliminating data within your environment, without removing the physical asset. While it offers the highest level of security, it may incur additional costs and time.

DAS is committed to meticulous data erasure procedures, employing diverse technologies tailored to each data-bearing device. The use of multiple technologies allows for auditing and validation within the process.

We diligently maintain wipe logs and files for every device, providing electronic records that meticulously document the details, including serial numbers.

Furthermore, we offer on-site data erasure when suitable and preferred, creating a controlled zone where data remains confined, minimizing your risk exposure.