logos of the different ISO certifications that the company has obtained, it asset disposition

Comprehensive Protection Throughout the Process

Ensuring the security of your assets and data is crucial at every stage.
Our services deliver that essential protection and peace of mind. Logistics plays a vital role in efficiently transporting equipment to its rightful destination.
Whether you prefer to familiarize yourself with the terminology or leave the decision-making to us, rest assured that we handle all other aspects seamlessly.


Transporting assets from site to processing facility
includes various options:
LTL (less than load), dedicated/shared trucks, GPS tracking, and more.


Asset preparation for transport, also known as "White Glove" service, encompasses tasks like wrapping, banding, supplying packaging materials, and ensuring safety and security through necessary labor. Packaging can be done either during decommissioning or in coordination with the transport process.


Individual Asset Collection or ITAD in a Box. This service entails shipping individual boxes and labels to residential addresses, enabling personal return of assets. Bulk Collection or Bin Rental. We provide large containers or gaylords to your office or facility, allowing convenient filling at your own pace.


Planning and communication with diverse teams to achieve a holistic solution. We manage the entire project or focus on specific aspects that contribute to its success. We coordinate with external partners and vendors as required, and can even assume full planning responsibility.

Secure transport and chain of custody are paramount in maintaining asset accountability during the ITAD process.
Retired IT assets are most vulnerable to loss or theft during their journey from the customer site to our secure processing facility. Once received at our processing site, robust physical security measures, including CCTV, badge access, and walk-through metal detectors, safeguard the IT assets.