Electronics Recycling

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Environment: Our Complete Responsibility.

DAS operates with a strong commitment to our environment. We prioritize the repurposing and reusing of technology for the betterment of our planet and our clients. For items that are beyond repair, we first strive to salvage any usable components that can be reintroduced into the circular economy.
Afterward, we responsibly recycle.
To ensure this, we adhere to all federal and state regulations, as well as science-based recommendations, to safeguard our world.


To achieve optimal recycling, item breakdown into elemental components is key. Our team meticulously disassembles and categorizes IT assets into raw materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, circuit boards, and more. Specialized dismantlers then extract microprocessors from circuit boards, which are subsequently smelted to reclaim precious metals. We handle the labor-intensive process, ensuring efficient recycling of valuable resources.


E-waste, also known as Electronics Waste, refers to electronic items that cannot be fully reused or repurposed. Improper disposal of such items poses a threat to our environment. Our services encompass collection, removal, and proper disposal of e-waste. We meticulously dismantle these products, separating them into their fundamental parts, components, and materials.

Hazardous Materials

Although we generally avoid accepting hazardous materials, we understand that our commitment to providing comprehensive assistance to our clients means fulfilling that commitment entirely. When it comes to items like CRTs and PCBs, we have established specific protocols or engage additional vendors to handle them appropriately. You can trust that compliant disposal is guaranteed, alleviating any concerns you may have.

We emphasize the importance of engaging certified ITAD service providers, as independent third-party audits are essential. DAS upholds the principles of the R2 certification, prioritizing reuse whenever feasible, and proudly promotes a zero landfill policy.