Value Recovery

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Optimize the lifespan of your technology.
Embrace the concept of reuse and repurposing.

The pace of technology innovation never slows down. What’s cutting-edge today becomes outdated too quickly. With the processing power and storage capacity in our handheld devices surpassing that of the technology used for moon missions, we have ample resources to repurpose our IT assets, extending their lifespan and minimizing the need for new device manufacturing.


As experts in IT asset management, we ensure the secure removal of data and information from current technology assets, enabling their reuse by other customers. Many companies, with frequent technology refresh cycles and a focus on maximizing value, offset a portion of their budget by reselling these assets.


Even IT assets with cosmetic damage or in need of memory or storage upgrades hold value and can be effectively repurposed. Our process involves cleaning the devices, conducting necessary repairs or upgrades, and then offering them to other organizations that can benefit from such technology.


Our program maximizes the utilization of your corporate assets. We handle the collection of IT equipment, securely remove the data, and recertify the devices as needed. Moreover, we offer the option of remotely wiping the data using our proprietary software, eliminating the need to physically return the device.


Customers frequently encounter situations where technology remains unused due to changes in plans or altered timelines by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). At our end, we collaborate with a network of secondary market participants to facilitate the sale of your unused or lightly used IT assets, helping you recover their value effectively.

When we redirect your IT assets to the next suitable user in the value chain, significant environmental advantages are achieved.
The most substantial environmental impact of an IT asset lies in its initial manufacturing process.
It’s estimated that a single cell phone requires over 200 pounds of raw materials.

Terms like the circular economy emphasize the concept of harvesting raw materials from used items and reintroducing them as components or materials in the manufacturing cycle.
Through our commercial efforts, we actively contribute to mitigating these environmental concerns by reducing the demand for new materials.